The Chosen Spirit - Taster Sessions Vol. 1 / 2 & 3

Indie / acoustic / rock / blues


Band Description

The Chosen Spirit represents the meeting of minds and talents of local musicians Pete Leah and Anna Perry, with timely interventions from multi talented Ben Jennings...we find fusions of jazz/rock/indie/blues/psychedelia starting to flourish...

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Artist Biography

The Chosen Spirit...along time in the making...but like a fine starting to come of age.
With a blend of flavours and influences, the heady cocktail represented in the Taster Sessions, see the band veer from classical leanings, via jazz and blues and into more mainstream classic rock territory.
An organic and live recording process has resulted in the writing and / or improvising of nearly 5 hours worth of recorded material from the last year...Volumes 1 & 2 are already available...and there will be a selection of regular releases to follow in the next 18 months.
The Chosen be judged by proof and volume....but....please enjoy responsibly!!

Press Release an opiate...has a strange and intoxifying effect on the human mind and body...

Some reactions lead to foot tapping / full on wig-outs on the dance floor / contemplation / meditation / head-nods / bliss / anger...the full gamut of human emotion.

Lyrics range from the poetic to the is a constant source of inspiration...moments in our lives / people we meet can all relate back to certain passages of music...its always is part of life...harmony / composition / rhythm / heart / soul...

Brought up on the spirit of the sixties, my love affair with riffs and chords began early. Jimi...Zep....The Stones....Beatles...moments etched on the brain...thousands of hours have been spent just experiencing music...dancing / chilling / socialising / playing / driving / singing / jamming ... the eclectic nature of what constitutes a "Tune" is like an unquenchable thirst...

Our story is relatively recent ...the last 18 months has seen The Chosen Spirit emerge from the worlds colliding...nearly 80 songs from the last couple of years of playing and writing to be released in 2016...



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