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Band Description

Bittersweet Collapse is a band comprised of 2 songwriters Wendy Lestourgeon and Timothy Morgano. The band was formed in June 2014, our band combines Alternative, Rock, and Post-Hardcore elements.

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Artist Biography

Bittersweet Collapse" is composed by two song writers. Timothy Morgano and Wendy Lestourgeon from the United States.They just released there self titled debut album which consist of 12 songs. Bittersweet Collapse write/record/produce all of there own music.There album is avalible at Itunes and amazon. To preview album go to  you can also reach Bittersweet Collapse  @bsweetcollapse  @timmorgano on twitter....

Press Release

Thanks!!  To all our loyal fans. We are in the process  of making our first video release date 10/10/14




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