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Ronnie Fox has an uncanny gift of intermingling the genres of hip hop, pop and dance. He is able to harness bits of style and swagger from the crème de la crème of both Old School and New School artists and styles.

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Mastering Both Old School and New …

Ronnie Fox Artist Bio
“As humans, we are all emotions in motion. With my music, I try to tap into everyone, both old and young, to inspire while being inspired myself.” – Ronnie Fox
It‘s every artist’s goal to leave a lasting and timeless impact on their fans that stretches across decades. Yet, amid the ever-growing plethora of one-hit wonders and forgotten fads, few musicians seem to ever meet this lofty goal … But Why?
Ronnie FoxPerhaps one reason is that they don’t know the secret that singer, songwriter and producer Ronnie Fox realized a long time ago. He recognized that every human is an array of ever-changing emotions which an artist must constantly strive to tap into.
New York’s Ronnie Fox has an uncanny gift of intermingling the genres of hip hop, pop and dance. This artistic ability stems from his lifelong studies of many musical masters. Using this knowledge - over the years - he has evolved from a songwriter and producer into a performing artist. All the while, he has become a master communicator.
In 2014, Ronnie is preparing to launch his latest album, Rebirth of the Cool. The project displays his inherent ability to harness bits of style and swagger from the crème de la crème of both Old School and New School artists and styles. The result is a stylistic synergy of past and present that Fox delivers in with a smooth, positive vibe, across various generations of fans. “It’s simple,” explains Fox, “… when I sit down to compose a song, I want both a grandson and his grandfather to get something out of listening to it.”
As a child growing up in ‘The Big Apple,’ Ronnie’s earliest memories reflect his eclectic interest in music. He reminisces, “I remember being a toddler with a headache – and laying my head on the floor, I could hear the soothing sounds of Aretha Franklin … I became hooked on music from that point onward.” Music seemed built into Fox’s brain … before he had any musical training at all, he could see the notes and sound waves in his mind and visualize the music, beat and rhythm.
Ronnie FoxWithout knowing it at the time, Ronnie was getting an “Old School” training as a young child, while he also learned from the sounds of Quincy Jones, Rod Temperton, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. “I would stay up to the wee hours studying the musical phrasing and formats of these great artists and producers … and I wouldn’t stop until I could appreciate their qualities and methods,” offers Fox.
However, Fox didn’t simply limit his own musical vision to the “Old School” masters – he studied the unique elements of the so-called “New School” as well. Hip hop and rappers such as LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane as well as Rakim and Tupac were just a few that he paid close attention to. “I found aspects of each artist I liked, for LL Cool J it was the intellectual and sensual charisma of his work,” offers Fox. He learned from other artists such as Tupac, the need for both playful, yet insightful lyrics … while Rakim and Big Daddy Kane instilled the work ethic of hard-edge hip hop rhyme schemes.
By the time Ronnie was in his late teens, he had been a songwriter already for over a decade, was a self-taught keyboardist and was also experimenting with production and drum machines. After graduating from The City University of New York, he used his degree in media and communications to form his own record label called R Records. “In a way, my college education in communication sort of mirrors my musical evolution – always finding a way to communicate, to touch lives and inspire,” offers Fox.
Ronnie FoxAlthough Ronnie has written music since he was a child, he has only turned his attention towards being a recording artist within the last five years. His self-developed skills as a producer and songwriter allowed him to take his own all-original lyrics and melodies and have complete creative control over their evolution. “I always loved the smooth R&B and hip hop sounds, but I realized they were being removed from radio in recent years,” Fox explains. Yet he has found a way to embrace the new sounds of today, while adhering to the classic undertones and well-crafted rhyme schemes.
By 2014 Ronnie began to release singles from his upcoming album, Rebirth of the Cool. In February, 2014, he dropped the tracks “Middle Fingers” and “Write This Down” to U.S. radio. Fox plans to release more singles with the entire album later in 2014. Rebirth of the Cool will have ten tracks with storylines ranging from the hardships of a dying soldier, to a conversation between a terminally ill mother and her son. “In the end, Rebirth of the Cool will take what was once cool about hip hop and make it cool once again,” offers Fox. Leave it to Fox to bring a project like this to life, after all – he’s spent his life mastering both Old School and New …

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Communications Across Generations
“Middle Fingers” and “Write This Down” stand as a sneak-peek of the upcoming release of Ronnie Fox’s Rebirth of the Cool
“My creative goal was to bring back the very essence of hip hop rhyme schemes, all while embracing current pop culture." – Ronnie Fox
Ronnie Fox - Rebirth of the CoolNEW YORK, NY (03 MARCH 2014) – New York based songwriter, producer and do-it-yourself indie artist Ronnie Fox says, “It’s cool to be cool again,” as he prepares the final mixes for his upcoming album entitled, Rebirth of the Cool.
Although the album isn’t due out until later in 2014, he’s giving his fans a sneak-peak at two of the debut’s singles, “Middle Fingers” and “Write This Down.”

Both singles showcase Fox’s unique and uncanny collision of house, pop, dance, hip hop and world music. The upcoming album will reflect Ronnie’s life as a Renaissance man, and an artist with a keen interest in spreading a positive vibe to a wider audience. However, Fox retains the artistic ability to deliver an emotional message within his music.

Ronnie explains, “My creative goal on Rebirth of the Cool is to wrap classic hip-hop rhyme schemes together with the current pop/radio culture of the genre.” While accomplishing this goal, Fox is also able to maintain a lyrical craft that offers an emotive energy that is at times fun and party-like, and at other times deep and introspective.
Rebirth of the Cool is slated to have ten tracks when released, with storylines ranging from the hardships of a dying soldier, to a conversation between a terminally ill mother and her son. “In the end, Rebirth of the Cool will take what used to be cool about hip-hop and make it cool again,” offers Fox.

For now, fans are getting a sneak peek of the album with the release of “Middle Fingers” which went to radio February 11th, 2014. The single is an addictive, melodic and fun fusion of house and hip-hop with a fast flow. While “Middle Fingers” is getting the party started, the follow-up single, “Write This Down” is due out in May, 2014. Both songs are setting the stage for Fox. After all, the fox has always known to be smart, resourceful and cunning. Through his music, this Fox has found a way for communications across generations … that’s one sly Fox.






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