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Northern VA-based synth-pop band MEDLOW is a clash between the worlds of heavily-produced modern Pop, raw, anthemic Rock N Roll, and Electronic Dance with definitive New Wave elements.

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Northern VA-based synth-pop band Medlow is a clash between the worlds of heavily-produced modern Pop, raw, anthemic Rock N Roll, and Electronic Dance with definitive New Wave elements.

    Frontman and lead singer Gabe White expertly balances the act of creating an exciting atmosphere while also showing his mastery on keyboards, making a memoriable experience for all. He lends definitive sound to the band by creating his own sounds and playing heavy leads on songs like “I’ll Wait For You” and “Don’t Let Go." Guitarist Jordan Davidson ties the sounds of Pop and Page-esque Classic Rock together with impressive solos and tasteful lines. Davidson’s rhythmic ideas often carry an element of funk a la Daft Punk’s reincarnation of 70’s disco. Christian Mikkelsen’s bass lines give credit to icons like James Jamerson and Colin Greenwood. “Our Mistake” begins with a raw, dirty groove that successfully marries influences from The Black Keys and Britney Spears. Medlow’s drummer Bobby Spencer’s playing style lays the foundation for their sound from a subdued rhythmic style in their darker song “Where Did You Go” to a punk-like energy in rock anthem “Party All Night."

     White shared his concept behind the album and his outlook on the music scene. "Music is limitless. The more an artist grows and realizes his potential it becomes less about maintaining a certain ‘sound’ or ‘genre’ and more about writing from a place of integrity and openness. It’s taking a moment and capturing it forever, the way any artist with an easel and an instance of beauty or pain would. Some of the bands that have most inspired us have realized this and have written songs across the musical spectrum throughout their lifetimes. It’s a journey that an artist feels privileged to be a part of, and to me a fan is someone who wants to take that journey with you, to discover new sounds and travel through the expanding universe of artistic expression. This album was written over several years and captured many of those moments in my life. My intention was not to necessarily create a cohesive sound that identified the band, but more to create a sort of sonic scrapbook where many of my most vulnerable and excited moments could be expressed.”

Press Release
March 26, 2014

Alternative / Synth Pop band MEDLOW release debut, full-length album on Washington, DC label Yoo Records.

Washington, DC — March 26, 2014 — Alternative / Synth Pop foursome MEDLOW, have released their self-titled, debut album on DIY label Yoo Records. The full length album is now available for download and streaming on iTunes, Beats, Spotify and all digital stores. The ten song album claims inspiration from contemporary new wave bands like Phoenix, CHVRCHES, and M83 and blues rock from peers The Black Keys.

After winning a regional battle of the bands, MEDLOW followed the win with a direct support slot for the pop punk band Plain White Ts. With momentum and several sold out shows, MEDLOW returned to the studio in 2013 and crafted the remaining songs. Frontman Gabriel White explains, “This album is an evolution of what we were capable of. It felt like going back to school. In the beginning, we had no idea what we were doing. I wanted to write about things places other than where I was at the time. When you write so much about your own life, sometimes a despair can set in, and it can take you to those places you fear.”



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