Brand new release from Californian label VIV Records with a 2013 version of the classic JackieMoore hit "This Time Baby" by Sherlyn. Crossing between club dance and EDM on its opening riff and building to that superb song written by Casey James and L
(Miami, Fl) -- Sherlyn, young singer born and raised in the Bronx, New York, always knew that music was her passion and that she was meant to do something big. Her parents first discovered her singing talent when in pre-school as she sang at her graduation. Enrolled in high school drama shows and plays, Sherlyn's dad set the tone for the footsteps his daughter would someday walk in. Music was always their way of life. Known as the new sound for Pop/Dance, Sherlyn presents to us her single “This Time Baby” under VIV Records and the production of Legendary DJ Viviano (Original Studio 54 NYC) Alex Arias and Van Orteez. . My purpose is to move people in a positive way; to stand up for people, and influence listener's to live in a positive way." I am here to make a difference", says Sherlyn. Just few weeks after the release of “This Time Baby” a version of the classic Jackie Moore hit and written by Casey James and Leroy Bell of James & Bell Fame has over 62,000 views. This Latest EDM dance mix has been release do to the overwhelming request from club dj’s asking for an Electronic dance version. Sherlyn’s future is described as very prosperous and we are already witnesses of it. Her songs are being played constantly on the radio and clubs in markets such as Europe (Spain, Italy, Austria,Miami Switzerland and Germany among others) and breaking through with an amazing strength into U.S and Latin America. Gretchen Sifones EMI America

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