Scott Taylor - Coincidence

Location: Hollywood, CA, USA
A Breath Of Fresh Air ! My style is distinctly my own and recognizable as positive music with a message
Press Release:
Hi ! I love keeping in personal conact with my fan's. I play all age all the time show's at the Whiskey A Go Go in hollywood and 21+ age at TRiP in Santa monica every month and I love keeping in contact with fans. I'm giving free tickets, downloads, and merchandise to fans who email my website, follow me on twitter like on facebook, and subscribe on You Tube.
Scott Taylor is a unique Singer Songwriter, and Multi Talented Instrumentalist from Sacramento, CA. He feels that he has finally got that "New" sound. His Sound. Scott is a talented instrumentalist, playing Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Cello, Piano, and all Electronic pieces on the CD. The phenomenal Drum Tracks were entrusted to long time friend and Drummer Nikki Lane Taylor from LA. The CD was Recorded & Produced by Scott.
The entire process has been a labor of love, dedication and sacrifice. Scott built his entire recording studio along with a reverb chamber that truly captures his unique and phenomenal voice. Scott says, "My music reflects the influences of the moment I am living in when I write the song. Like life, you never know what your going to come up with until you start playing. Playing multiple instruments helps create new music. I am constantly writing new songs and have already recorded many rough tracks for the next album. Hope to hear from you soon.



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