Lightswitch - Holding On

Location: Wilson, WI,
A National Christian rock band with influences from Sanctus Real, Coldplay, Delerious, Mutemath, Tree63, etc.
Press Release:
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Lightswitch announces Guatemala tour!

The National band now going international with the release of their Spanish album Sigo Adelante.

"This is something we are really excited about!" Says Abe Romo, the lead singer. "We've done events out of the country before, but this will be our first time with the Spanish album".

The band of four brothers have been getting radio airplay in Guatemala as well as many other Spanish speaking countries and their fan base has more than doubled this year.

Lightswitch has had a lot of success in the US as well, playing some of the most notable Christian events in the nation: Lifelight, Hills Alive, Acquire the Fire, and the Carmen and friends cruise, just to name a few. But even with all the success the band has had, the brother's down to earth personalities haven't changed.

The band has been on the road a lot this past year and plans to release some new songs in the spring of 2013.

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Lightswitch is a national Christian rock band, which consists of 4 brothers originally from Wisconsin. The youth oriented rock band, brings energy to the stage without compromising their music. The band brings a positive message to today's youth, playing for thousands of people each year at festivals, colleges, youth groups, public and private schools, rallies, Church events, Conferences, and many other special events, nation wide.

Lightswitch released their second full length album on January 25th 2012. The band also released a Spanish version of the album, which is opening international tours and attention from around the world.

The band has progressed over the years, and their desire to serve God through their music continually grows stronger each time they take the stage. Known and loved by many people for being accessible and personable with fans, Their goal is to help people of all ages realize that God loves them and has a plan for them.

The band’s trend setting style of music and their gentle, yet uncompromising message of faith explains why this band has captured the ears and hearts of all ages, ethnic, and social statuses, playing to one of the most diverse audiences of as independent band.



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