Lawrence Sumpter - Creation

Location: Oakland, California, USA

Easy Listening music with a soulful touch.

I was introduced to the world of music as a young member of the Ephesus Boy's Choir at Harlem's historic Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist Church, New York City. The choir was so popular with church members it was decided to invite young boy's community wide to join the re-named choir, the Harlem Boy's Choir, with Dr. Walter Turnbull as its former director. The rest is amazing history! The many disciplines taught by the former Dr. Turnbull and his dedicated staff provided learning in reading skills, voice development and music appreciation. My training from those days has a direct and profound influence that affects my musical arrangements today. Most of the boys are college graduates and successful citizens in the world.

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, during those formative years, I promised the Lord, I would make a difference in the world and change lives through the ministry of music. Currently, my music has me participating in several capacities including the following: the American Guild of Organists; the Market Street SDA Church in Oakland, CA as minister of music; organist for congregations at Rejoice Ministries, Salem Lutheran Home, Fellowship Church, San Francisco, CA Capital City SDA Church, Sacramento, CA and guest organist at my home church in New York City. Now resides in Oakland, California where I am employed as a Port Job Researcher at the Port of Oakland. I have finished four projects; This Is My Story released 2006, The True Meaning of Christmas released 2007, Morning Has Broken 2008 and Creation 2009 my forth album.



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