Hollywood Red - Hollywood Red

Location: Columbus, Ohio, USA
A throwback sound with a blend of classic and modern rock influences and uncompromising energy define this young, up and coming band.Press Release:
J.H. Nuber - 99.7 The Blitz
"Tight performances, both recorded and live, make up Hollywood Red. They feature a throwback sound that is still incredibly relevant in today's rock scene."
Hollywood RED presents a unique blend of classic and modern rock, with widespread influences from the 70’s and 80’s such as Led Zeppelin and Motley Crue to modern rock bands such as Hinder. Their energy filled live performances, masterful musicianship, and hard driving guitar riffs bring back an authentic, old school sound with a new twist into today’s rock music scene.
Since forming in December of 2011, Hollywood RED has rapidly gained popularity and emerged as one of the top local rock bands in Central Ohio. The band originated with lead singer Dominic Frissora and guitarist Jon Suh, who were former members of a group that won 2011 NAMM accolades for “Best Teen Band in the USA”. With the addition of multi-talented guitarist and vocalist Jake Fornof, bass player/vocalist Codee Carle, and the dynamic, hard-hitting Cameron Carle on drums, Hollywood RED continues to evolve and draw in fans of all ages. 
Hollywood RED has been featured at local radio stations, including MIX 107.9 (2012 House Band competition winner) and 99.7 The Blitz. They have also performed in Anaheim at the 2012 NAMM show, and have opened for various prominent artists including Burn Halo, Icon for Hire, Don Jamieson (That Metal Show), Bang Tango, and Downplay.
Their self-titled debut EP was released in October 2012 featuring the singles “Burned Out”, “Save Me”, “Back for More”, and “Uprising”, all available on ITunes.


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