Abby Cubey - Man Up - And More

Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States
Man Up is the Creation of Heart and Soul featuring a fight song, with a Ballad, a Car Song and Remix.
Press Release:
Dec 5th 2012 Abby Cubey released the monumental composition she wrote called "Man UP" after getting a buzz in the music industry all summer. It was released specifically for the support of her friend Manny Pacquiao with a rap specifically for the support of his upcoming fight in Las Vegas on December 8th 2012.

More information will be available soon about the major promotion of this song, and the major charity that she is going to support.

This is a pre release in December and culminates a long history of hits since her first release Dame Mas La Electricidad which was a Spanglish dace hit. This cut is scheduled to be rerecorded in a few different languages, and remixes are soon to follow. One remix by the talented Luke Harrsion is included in the the promotional package and a video is now on You Tube as a pre3limibnary look at the spirit of the song featuring Boxer Manny.

Check Abby website for the official release date and more about the tour called "The Time Has Come. Get Busy in 2013!"

Check out the up and coming re-mixer Luke Harrsion of Elegancy for a sneak preview of the MAN UP ReMix by Luke Harrsion of Elegancy. Video editor and photography by Timothy Whitfield.

The video is can be found on YouTube and Vimeo.
Abby Cubey - Bio
Abby Cubey is a multilingual singer/songwriter, producer, musician, model, radio host, designer and a race car driver. She is most at home when she is performing and creating things that are unique and distinctive to everyone. She was born in Cebu, an exciting town that is rich in diverse music from all over the globe "That's where all my inspiration came from ' remarks Abby.

When Abby was 11 she was asked to perform (singing a Celine Dion song-The Prayer) and that started her music career. She was also a DJ for MBC (Radio Nation 91.7 FM) known as DJ Abby. Cubey moved to the US (Maryland) and then Los Angeles with dreams of launching her career. After teaming up with JOJOKID MUSIC’s East Coast Hit Writer/Producer/Arranger Paul Drago, she co-wrote and released a CD “Believe in ME”, with the Spanglish club hit “Dame Mas Electricidad” introduced by her CD Release party/performance at the House of Blues on Sunset. Paul Drago has been in his own bands for United Artists, and Columbia Records, was music director for The Drifters, and worked with Gloria Gaynor.

Abby followed up with more singles, a performance at Mandalay Bay Arena for the after fight event - Manny Pacquiao, and her Valentine’s Day recording “What I Call Love”. Her latest releases are “Feel My Fire” a popular video and Car Song” covered globally in thousand of articles and featured on “The Car Show” and “Tick Tock” the theme song for her radio show “After Dark Radio” and the Internet/TV Entertainment Magazine “LA After Dark TV”, both with Abby Cubey as host. (Paul Drago production)

“Being so young when I first started, I never really had a sense of who I wanted to be. Now things are really working out because everything that I'm singing, writing and composing is really me. I write songs that I strongly believe in and that are coming from inside.”

Although Abby is proud of the recordings she has done, she suggests the best way to experience her sound is to see her perform live, taking these songs and traveling around the world, sharing her music with her loving & supportive fan. Abby states, “I am particularly happy to be on the LA Talk Radio lineup, so I can entertain everyone in this medium, with special guests, provocative topics, music and phone-in audience participation“.

Her latest Single is “Man Up” the hard synth Electro Pop song which already had a big industry buzz and now is out on all the download sites, through CDBABY, being played on over a 1000 radio stations and 300 College radio stations. A video with her friend Manny Pacquiao is going viral because his fans chant her chorus “Man Up” shaking their fists at Manny opponent when he enters the ring. Incredible.

Check out the up and coming re-mixer Luke Harrsion of Elegancy for a sneak preview of the MAN UP ReMix by Luke Harrsion of Elegancy. Video editor and photography by Timothy Whitfield.



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