Emily Bendock - Down On The Boulevard

Webpage: http://www.emilybendock.com

Location: Summit, NJ, USA


Emily's pop style offers up fun and upbeat songs with catchy hooks. She has co- wrote both of her songs and had input on the development of the melodies.


13 year old Emily Bendock first well crafted release "Under Pressure" is a song many young adolescent people will be able to identify with. The lyrics express all the pressures one young adolescent might experience at school, sports and with friendships. Emily co-wrote the song and developed the melody that offers a very catchy piano hook arrangement. Emily's current new release "Down On The Boulevard" is a fun California type song. In Los Angeles, CA the boulevards offer fun attractions and sights. Jump on board with "Down On The Boulevard" song and live the magic feeling of cruising along and taking in all the spectacular things the city of Los Angeles has to offer.



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