Franklin McKay - This Christmas


Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Charting 15 straight weeks on US Billboard AC Charts (October 20 2012)

Press Release:

Franklin McKay the definition of a fresh new artist with a soul full of passion expressed through his exciting voice and melodies that do not fail to deliver in any way. 'Destiny', Franklin's first radio release, is a US AC Billboard Top 30 Hit. A second version of 'Destiny' has also been released featuring Heather Rankin of 'The Rankin Family'. To date there are 200+ stations playing Franklin's music worldwide while this number continues to grow. Born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and now residing between Los Angeles & Toronto, Franklin McKay is making a massive new appearance to the Music world. With an extensive list of experience, writing and recording music from a young age of 14 with knowledge of performing live for thousands of people, Franklin McKay is no stranger to the music scene and is making a worthy return to his roots. Franklin is influenced greatly by artists such as, Elton John, Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow and Harem Scarem. The unique tones and remarkable success of these artists is also present throughout Franklin's performance. 'Destiny' is his first release from the album 'Just Sayin'. This is a song that bring fresh new vibes to modern music and there is something for everyone in this track. Expressing the idea of love and comfort in his lyrics, this feel-good song will leave you with a smile on your face. Franklin has had honorary mention by Billboard Magazine in their annual world song writing competition (2010) rewarding his unique talent and was featured in the Sept 22 2012 edition as a noteworthy upcoming Artist. Now currently working on his debut album 'Just Sayin' produced by Harry Hess (Harem Scarem) we can expect amazing things that will surprise and keep us tuned in. 



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