Location: sydney, nsw, Australia

Press Release:
The incredible similarity of sound and style to the sounds of the Eighties has been unerringly carried forward into the music of Ice Jupiter Groove today. It is unlikely a modern young band could recreate this soaring percussive synth rock sound with any real integrity. It's almost as if these guys just stepped through a portal from Australia's golden years of music to blow us all over in an instant.

I am taken away on a journey every time I throw on the headphones and crank the volume to AC/DC appreciation levels. The smooth clean crispness of Ice Jupiter Groove's rhythmic melodies belies the solid thumping basslines in an uncopyable fashion that just does not exist in modern Australian music. The best news is Sean and James are actively encouraging people to freely download and share their music right now in order to create some impetus for a planned tour of the States later this year.

I'd strongly suggest you go ahead and grab a few tracks and share them around with your friends to spread the great sound that is Ice Jupiter Groove.

Ice Jupiter Groove are an Australian ethereal /rock band formed in Sydney, Australia in 1995. The band is fronted by both founding members and brothers singer/guitarist Sean Lee and singer /keyboardist James Lee ; along with their nephew Eliot Lee (vocals/drums), Billy Black (lead guitar) and Dave Earp (bass).

Heavily influenced by the densely layered keyboards, and strong melodic vocals produced in the 70's and 80's.The music covers a wide variety of genres whilst still maintaining the ethereal and sometimes eerie sweetness, characteristic of their sound.

Following the 1995 release of a self-titled EP, recordings for a new album began in late 2011 with producer / engineer Mike Morgan at studios301 and on the Frozen Planet label. Ghost Train, Shine, Nothing Ever Happens and Keep The Wolves are the first singles off the upcoming album which will be released May 2012. Ice Jupiter Groove plan a tour of the U.S. and Canada in late 2012.



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