Location: West Babylon, New York, USA

Black Summer is a powerful and energetic modern hard rock / alternative-metal band that thrives on introducing their audiences to their heavy-melodic style, which brands them with a face-melting experience. 

Black Summer is a New York-based modern hard rock & alternative metal quintet who fused together in 2011. This cohesive unit is comprised of vocalist Vincent Verzino, guitarists Peter Anthony and Jonathan Istrico, drummer Frankie Fizz and bassist Evan P. Together, they ignite the chemistry for the perfect musical storm that has come to be Black Summer.

All five guys share similar musical influences and insights on life, society and the way they view the world. This helps songwriting and recording flow, and ultimately sync into the live performance for this true band of brothers. The common thread for them is first and foremost to create music that they love and secondly, to be able to share it with the world while building their fan base one by one to create the Black Summer family.

Black Summer thrives on introducing their audiences to their heavy-melodic style that brands them with a face-melting experience. Momentum continues to build for the band after each and every show, as they continue to launch an all out assault on the music scene. It’s important to the guys that they provide their fans and new-comers alike with an energetic live performance which sets the standard, raises the bar, and always leaves the audience wanting for more.

In their early stages of success, Black Summer is proud to have shared the stage with such acts as Evans Blue, Fuel, Eye Empire and Burn Halo... but stay tuned because there will be more to follow as the band is currently preparing to release their self-titled debut album this summer.



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