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Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Pop-rock-singer-songwriter, described as everything from Alanis to Kate Bush, Alicia Keys to Adele. Moody, powerful, and edgy, with hearfelt lyrics, bold, honest writing, featuring rock roots with a bit of a jazz influence.

Press Release:
Heather McKenzie’s latest CD “Decoy” gets outstanding reviews

Heather McKenzie was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. She grew up in a musical home and was encouraged at an early age to pursue her musical career. She toured Canada for years in various Rock bands and in 2005 the momentum picked up as she was awarded a grant from Factor for the song “Milly”. She recorded her first studio album in 2006 titled “Every Waking Moment”. This was only the beginning as she continued to receive grants to write and produce additional projects including her 2009 release of “Eleven: Eleven”. In March, 2012, Heather released her third album with the support of a grant from Rawlco Radio, featuring musicians from “The Heather McKenzie Band”, formed in 2007.

“Decoy” is Heather’s latest release with single “Anything Like This” leading the way. This is a song about sharing your life with someone, the good and the bad, and never imagining back then that you would still be together and happy today. The storyline is delivered through a great upbeat tune with club vibes that make you want to get up and dance. Her vocals are powerful, accompanied by an energetic and catchy rhythm in a mix of rock and pop with a great melody that carries the beat straight through.

Heather McKenzie has tapped into a new sound; edgy pop with mature lyrics delivered through great rhythms and melodies brought you by a creative musician who knows her instruments well. This keeps her music fresh, relatable and sustainable in this music industry.

Her evolution is apparent as you listen to her initial works to where she is today. She experiments with sounds and incorporates her growth into her music to bring a fresh style to the airwaves.

Heather McKenzie does plan to tour but no specific information is available at this time. She is currently writing songs for her fourth album to be released winter 2013. She is also building her own independent record company Pilot Records Canada that she hopes to use to support and produce other songwriters.

You can listen to and/or purchase her music from any of the three albums released at most digital store fronts including but not limited to:





www.promofm.com (Search: Heather McKenzie)

Heather McKenzie is currently working with A & R Select based in West Hollywood, Ca. for licensing, publishing, a record deal and/or placement opportunities. For additional information, please contact them at:



Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, singer songwriter Heather McKenzie grew up in a musical home and was encouraged from an early age to pursue music as a career. She studied classical piano, and at the age of fifteen left home to tour Canada in various cover rock bands.


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