Webpage: http://www.getfulltilt.com

Location: Delaware, OH, USA


Full TIlt is a high energy rock and roll band from Columbus Ohio. Bringing to you the energy and crunch from the great rock and metal artists of the '80's and '90's, blended with the melodic and modern rock of today. Full Tilt will give you all!


The members of Full Tilt find themselves at a unique time in music history where styles and influences can merge and morph into special things. Armed with great songwriting, instrumental prowess, and the vocal ability to bring crowds to their feet and keep them coming back for more, Full Tilt is positioned to make an impact. Currently based out of Columbus, Ohio, Full Tilt are actively playing showcases and clubs promoting their self-titled full length CD release.

In addition to Columbus, the group is branching out to other markets in the region to expand their fan base with the goal of going national. At every show the group wins new fans, garners great press,
ands grows stronger.



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