Location: Rome, Italy, Italy

I'm Alex De Vito, a Roman singer-songwriter, who still wants to write songs to amaze people and to be amazed by the gift of being able to interact with this universe. The new summer hit, my friends, the 2000 twist titled “The Vito’s twist” is out now!

My story begins when I was very young in a small square of my town, perhaps the smallest, to supplement my family’s budget. Then the first contests, the first joys and the little goals. The studies of singing with Maestro Vincenzo Gioieni, the love for music and piano…
I started to work hardly in the suburb dance halls, full of rewards for the art we proposed… To this day I have composed over 480 songs of any genre and for any palate.
Soundtracks such as that of Isabella Sandri’s feature movie “Animali che attraversano la strada” and of many documentary films and commercials for various national TV stations including the last spot of the Waldensian Church.
Several CDs and musical collaborations and above all The Vito’s Twist, a merry music madness that can be listened on iTunes.
But also videoclips as “Ti Voglio” and “Un millione d miliardi” in rotation on various networks and on YouTube are the mirror of my soul, of the human element that distinguish my music made of thousands of tiny nuances.
Appearance at national shows such as the Sanremo Awards or the Festival Show, are important milestone in my musical career, which with the malincoironico genre made smile people who rushed to the various events.
My wormest thanks to all those who have been following me in this barren and winding course, soon there will be good news for you and I owe it to you that have never left me and spurred me to keep on fighting for my idea…
We are great when we join together to chase dreams and we have to do that because the wonder of this world is shrinking to a wretched consumerism rush….like, you born, you buy, you go away….
But it’s not like that, we are fantastic creatures, beautiful, incredibly rich in surprises because our path is unknown like a face down card worth to be played over and over, with the clear awareness that cards are few in a lifetime and that is why we must always be there with our mind and our heart! Thanks to you Friends who have always followed me and to all of you who are starting now.
Have a Good Life,
Yours, Alex De Vito



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