Location: Denver, CO, United States

In no more than 250 characters I personally think Mr. Hunter sounds like the result of blending Phish, Pink Floyd, Richard Halley, and Stevie Wonder into a big pile of groove.

Press Release:
Dear Listeners, We are pleased and proud to present Mr. Hunter's "The First Chapter". This album represents a decade of work and study in the jam scene and now brings Mr. Hunter's own vision to the world. Created and written by Chris Marcus, the album also features Kara Ayn Napolitano on vocals, Jason Yaeger on keyboards, David Lowenthal on bass, and Rossen Nedelchev on percussion. The songs represent the journey of life and the lessons that can be learned through experience, nature, and kindness. While Kara Ayn sings the words a lot of the story is also told through the emotion of the music and the combination is what is found on "The First Chapter".

Mr. Hunter is a rock band based on groove, freedom, and improv. Musical influences include Beethoven, Pink Floyd, The Dixie Dregs, Stevie Wonder, Phish and Chris's dog Hunter while the lyrics are based on life experience and the journey to reach our potential. The band is made up of Kara Ayn Napolitano on vocals, Chris Marcus on guitar, Dave Lowenthal on bass, Jason Yeager on keys, and Rossen Nedelchev on drums. After years of searching for our groove we finally stopped looking and allowed it to find us. The result is music open to interpretation, but designed to be a positive reflection of the freedom and beauty that makes music great.



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