LATE CAMBRIAN - Social Season EP


Location: brooklyn, New York, United States of America

Existential Indie Power Club Rock


Late Cambrian is an indie rock band out of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. John N Wlaysewski (Flying Machines, The Attorneys) convened with Colin Schiller (Drummer) in January of 2011 to record what would become their debut album, The Last Concert. John played the guitar, bass and synthesizer on this debut with Colin lending his drumming and percussion duties. The first five songs on the CD were tracked January 8-10. The next four were tracked in February with O lending here high airy backing vocals to three of the final tunes. The band put out a craigslist ad to find a bass guitarist and eventually added Nunzio Moudatsos (A Crimson Affair) as their official bass player. The unit intact, Late Cambrian took their melodic indie pop/rock sound to the stage in late March of 2011.

Late Cambrian have been compared to Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks and The Strokes. They have also been compared to Weezer in numerous articles and album reviews, mostly due to debut album's dense guitar attack and high sing song melodies. The lyrical content tends to be existential in nature, tackling subjects such as aging, the cult of celebrity and being a shut in. They bring a thoughtful approach to songwriting, with many of the songs going through tempo and key changes when it serves the song's higher purpose.

Late Cambrian recently won The Kickoff To KahBang contest and traveled to Bangor Maine to open for The Gay Blades. They have also been featured on Broke Ass Stuart, numerous other tastemaking blogs. Their music is available on Itunes, Amazon and CD Baby and they recently procured Japan distrobution which has sold out of their 1st run of cd's ! Late Cambrian is a band to watch, as their 2nd release of brand new material is being mixed in March of 2012.



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