Location: Tama, Tokyo, Japan

Description: Composer Arranger Music producer.Person of 17 professional carrier years .Kyoji Mainly composes music for relaxation and also music for motion pictures. Kyoji Ohno is primarily a pianist but he can also play synthesizers and electric organs
Biography: An electronic ambient project by composerKyoji Ohno.,who has been writing music for relaxation and soundtrack"Vision"- song track from the album, becameNo.1 at!!

Discography(Composed or produced)
Music for Healing & Relaxation "Mind control music" Vol1-30 (1989-93)
Album of Seiji Tanaka (1991)
Album of Tadashi Satoh (1994)
Album of Sonia (1995)
Music for Healing & Relaxation "Relax Illusion" (1997)
Pet music for Dogs (2000)
Drama CD"No one can hear but you"(2003)

Filmography(Composed or produced)
"Moving Pictures" (1985) Malcom Wong Director
"Untying Knots" (1993) Aya Spieveck Director
"Deserted Hospital"(1999) Masato Sasaki Director
"Our World"(1999) Ryo NakajimaDirector

TV Documentary(Composed or produced)
Catastrophe and Broadcast systems (1995) NHK

"Kimatika" (1984) Susan Derges Director
"Trip" (1985) Naoko Tosa Director
"Salome" 'Opheria"(1991) Macoto Tezuka Director
"Utau-Kinniku" (2000)- A teaching material for singers Etude music arrangement (As an Music arranger)
Games(Composed or produced)
'Little Lovers"(1996) Nikkei Visual
'Little Lovers"II(1998) Nikkei Visual
"Gundom Battle Operationg Simulator "(2004) Vanprest

Other Visual multimedias(Composed or produced)

ûNHK "Works of the great composers"DVD Sound data (1998-2000)
Fukuoka Science Museum Simulator "Virtual Kids"(1999)
Aichi Sewage Museum Simulator "Virtual Micro Kids"(2000)
Shotaro Ishinomori memorial Museum"Virtual Town"(2000)
NTT communication-V-portal(2001)

"Evance" Asahi-kasei(1985) CM&Video
'Japanese Fm station J-WAVE Jingle(1988) Jingle
'"Coorginate" Beyern pharmaceuticals(1992) CM
'NTTCommnications"V-portal"(1985) Jingle

'Tsukuba Expo"-Hitachi Pavilion(1985)
'WAVE-Christmas campaign"(1988) I&S
'Horror HouseüShock119" Fijikyu highland(1986)
'Hitachi Building MachineryCXX Convention"(1990)
'Odaiba dot komu"(2001)
Press Release:
Contact: Kyoji Ohno +81-42375-3475 or
Web site address

Kyoji's "metanature"
NO.1 at !!

Tokyo 2004 July

Kyoji"s album "metanature"has attracted a lot o listeners around the world. Especially "Vision", the 2nd track from the album ,which has become NO.1 in electronic/ambient chart during 4/4-5,4/7/2002!!. On behalf of the artist, we thank you for your support!!

The brand new electronic ambient album by Kyoji Ohno. It uses Kyoji's unique sampling method but also have some pop feeling in it. It is experimental but spacy and relaxing. We certainly hope that you"ll get the idea of the album.

Hybrid music Inc
1-38-5 Sakuragaoka
Tama City Tokyo 206-0013

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