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jazz/rock/fusion/avant-garde, rhythmically inventive percussion with sensuous vocals and award winning musicians improvising in a mostly LIVE venue. Pure tones against a textured musical fabric allowing improvisation to develope naturally.

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Daina and the Tribe is currently in the artist spotlight for the 13th annual IMA awards.
Cruise Control written by Daina Shukis/Jeremy Steig is playing nationwide on coast2coastmixtpes  and has been accepted to the geneome project in PANDORA
Daina Shukis recieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance/Drama from New york University, as well as studying voice and specialized in writing her own music for her choreography. As a dance accompanist at Skidmore College Daina choreographed and wrote music for their dance group which she brought to her Alma Mater Emma Willard School. She directed the production of the william Butler yeats play "At the Hawks Well" at Skidmore where she met Don Alias, gene Perla and Jeremy steig when they performed with Elvin Jones. Their support of her music and dancing career resulted in the albums and videos presented on the website jazzrockndance.com. There are now three albums LIVE on Amazon, Itunes and cdbaby, Daina and the Tribe LIVE at Soundscape with Jeremy Steig and "CBGB's" power trio, "On a Jungle Boat Ride" and an instrumental album "Mystic Rendezvous" with Daina playing impressionist pieces on synthesizer, and presenting Jeremy's tunes which were played LIVE prior to her coming on the stage.
Daina performed and choreographed a dance to her own song " Long John Silver, a Pirate " for the Guillot play "Pet for Company" at the La Mama theatre. Her choreographic piece "Tlalocs Forest has been shown on cable TV. She has sung for Sesame Street childrens television and performed with "Daina and the Tribe" in the New York city area at such notable clubs as The Bottom Line (opening two nights for James cotton), The Lone Star Cafe (opening for Jaco Pastorious), CBGB's and many others. She now has a publishing contract with cdbaby.

Press Release
This album has an array of jazz masters with studio and LIVE recordings from the "Bottom Line"
"CBGB's" and "The Lismar Lounge" playing music written by Daina Shukis as well as co-author Jeremy Steig. Daina plays finger cymbals showing her expertise in the middle eastern venue giving a trance ethnic flavor to some songs. Her vocals are sensuous, incorporating a clear almost operatic tone in some parts of this musical experience. Percussionist Don Alias and Ray Mantilla are amazing talents whose emotional input ranges from delicate triangle to the fire of congas in the african jungle to the urban street. Jeremy Steig who won the Jazz Forum Top People poll, no 1 for the world in 1982 in the flute category has been preserved in rare vintage audio. There are too many talents to mention here but I am sure you will enjoy this creative mix of exceptional musicians.


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