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Ms. Rince Calder is a New Yorker. She always had proclivities towards the 'Fine Arts, Creative Writing, Fashion, and Musik. She attended "The Art Student's League Of New York," where she studied oil painting, and clay clay sculpting. She as well attended "The Brooklyn Queens Conservatory Of Music," in Flushing, Queens, and studied piano, music theory, and voice. She studied Real Estate at 'REEDC", and freelances in rentals with "NYCHA."

Ms. Rince, graduated from "St. John's University," with a Bachelor of Arts, and then acquired her second undergraduate degree from "Touro College," in (DMX ) Digital Media Arts Program. Began and halted her graduate studies at "Pace University," where she pursued her M.S. in Publishing.

Currently, she is an Impressionist - Figurative Pop Artist, Painter, and Clay -Sculptress. Founded Calder Records, Inc. and is a singer - songwriter, and freelances as a Tv - producer.

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